Fishing and Other Wildlife

This area is abundant with native wildlife, living among several different types of habitats from beach to marsh to grassland to forest. Follow these links to learn more about what calls the Currituck Outer Banks "home."

Fishing Carova


The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission provides information about where to fish, what to catch, seasons and limits, and laws and safety. Visit their website to learn more: Fishing in North Carolina


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Located next to The Inn at Corolla Light, 1 mile past the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.


Other Wildlife:


The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provides a thorough description of many different types of habitat in the area, specifically within the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge located on the 4x4 beaches. Learn about these habitats and the wildlife living in them at their website: Currituck Wildlife & Habitat


A simple overview of the wildlife of the entire Outer Banks is available at Outer Banks This Week: "Honestly Wild."